Was Wingsofredemption Twitch Banned? Death Hoax On Reddit

Wingsofredemption Drama Explained – Why Was He Revoked Of Partnership?

Wingsofredemption Biography

Wingsofredemption is an American Twitch streamer. Some people may call his personality “overall unlikable and arrogant”. 

In fact, he has been involved in many drama and controversies in past. Now, he is at risk of saying goodbye to his channel. 

Was Wingsofredemption Twitch Banned?

Yes, Wingsofredemption aka real name Jordie Jordan was banned from Twitch.

The news was first announced by Jordie via his Twitter account himself. Apparently, the streaming platform terminated his partnership for violating Exhibit D of content guidelines.  

However, it isn’t still clear what does it mean. Likewise, Jordan has also shared a screenshot of the email that he received from Twitch. 

Twitch Canceled my partnership for Exhibit D of content guidelines. I have no clue what that means and they give you no real way to contacting them. I’ve searched for the last hour and haven’t found a valid email.

— Jordie Jordan (@WORGODICP) July 26, 2021

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This is not the first time Wingsofredemption has been suspended from Twitch. Back in 2020, the streamer was banned for 7 days, following hate speech allegations.

Likewise, Jordie has been involved in a number of controversies. His most recent one includes demanding donations from his viewers or else threatening to leave the stream. 

Wingsofredemption used to earn a decent net worth from his streams. However, his ban from Twitch has now put his whole career in question.

Wingsofredemption Death Hoax On Reddit

Wingsofredemption death Hoax on Reddit is not true.

The rumours first started from the youtube video titled “WingsOfRedemption Has Died!”. The clip was posted by the channel called PKA Highlights on October 24, 2020.

The speakers first claim that Wingsofredemption lost consciousness from fumes in a closed garage. This led to his untimely demise at 27 years old.

However, the video just happened to be a prank at the end. In fact, Jordie makes an appearance in the video shocking everyone! So yes- it was just a comic way to introduce the streamer.

He is all alive and healthy to date. 

Wingsofredemption Wife: Is He Married?

To add another item to his drama, Wingsofredemption has been also criticized for ignoring his wife.

The clip had gone viral on Reddit and other social media just a few months ago in March. In the video, Jordie’s spouse (who remains anonymous) asks him to get off the computer while he is playing Dark Soul.

However, Jordie refuses to turn off the game. This leaves his spouse crying and yet the streamer ignores her. After this, viewers were quick to point out his “insensitive behaviour”. 

Wingsofredemption is 35 years old in age. He celebrates his birthday on Jan 27 each year.

Despite his popularity, however, Wingsofredemption doesn’t have a Wikipedia yet. But, he is active on Twitter bio with 18k followers. 

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