Traphik (Rapper) Net Worth

Tim Chantarangsu, born on the 6th of March, 1986, is an American rapper, comedian and internet personality who under his name rap name Traphik, and Timothy DelaGhetto, became known for his YouTube videos and appearance in television shows, including “Goin’ Raw with Timothy DeLaGhetto” and “Wild ‘N Out”.

So how much is DeLaGhetto’s net worth? As of early 2018, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be over $2 million, acquired from his years in the music industry and his earning through his numerous YouTube channels, which began in 2006.


Traphik (Rapper) Net Worth $2 Million


Born in Billings, Montana, DeLaGhetto is the son of Thai parents. He spent most of his time growing up in Long Beach, California, and later on moved to the city of Paramount where he attended Paramount High School. During his high school years, his love for music started, and he began battling with his classmates through rap. He then attended California State University, Long Beach, but dropped-out in his first year to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Traphik started his career in music at 18 years old, and released his first mixtape in 2006 entitled “First Mixtape”. It was followed by other mixtapes including “Will Rap for Food” in 2007, and “MixedApe” in 2010. Although he worked for a while in a pizza joint to support himself, he was apparently fired, and continued making music full-time, really starting his career and also his net worth.

Along with his music career, in 2006 DeLaGhetto also began creating videos for his YouTube channel, which overtime received loyal followers for his comedy skits, parodies, and rants. He added more channels too, for his various passions, and has a different channel for his vlogs called “TimothyDeLaGhetto Vlogs”, another for his music called “Traphik Music”, and one for his passion for fashion called “Tim’s Bakery.”

To this date, Traphik has over 3.6 million subscriberston his main YouTube channel, and a couple of hundred thousand more to his other channels. The success of his online presence has certainly helped in his career and also in raising his net worth.

Eventually, DeLaGhetto’s fame also crossed the mainstream media; he first appeared in television shows including “Up in the Air”, “Learning Stuff with Caite Upton”, and “Drama King”, and became popular for his appearances in “Wild ‘N Out”, and “Guy Code” too.

With his various appearances on television, DeLaGhetto’s acting eventually brought him to the world of movies. He was cast in the web movie “Escape the Night” and “goin Raw with Timothy DeLaGhetto.” His stint in acting also helped in his income.

Today, Traphik is still active in his endeavors. Aside from his online , acting, and music career he also has a clothing line.

In terms of his personal life, DeLaGhetto became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Chia Habte in July 2017; the pair has been together since 2011.

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