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At the point when Ray Mascolo’s extended moderation reached a conclusion, he was going through an evening with his Chihuahua doggy, Versace, at his Beverly Hills home.

As per Kessel, Todorova was in a shoreline village on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, raising her pet panther, Princess, the night Mascolo died.


What Happened To Ray Mascolo From Los Angeles? Demise Cause RevealedBeam Mascolo died because of fentanyl-bound drugs; fentanyl is an engineered narcotic that is regularly used to treat ongoing or post-careful agony.

His medication demise incited a government examination, which brought about the uncovering of a flourishing medication circulation undertaking working out of a Hollywood Boulevard loft.

Mascolo’s home on North Beverly Drive was a support specialist the next day. Mascolo’s body was found on the kitchen floor by the Chihuahua. Fentanyl had been added to the medications.

Fentanyl is a Schedule II controlled opiate like morphine however multiple times more intense.

As indicated by the Los Angeles Times, three clients informed Mirela Todorova in the weeks going before up to Ray Mascolo’s homicide that they presumed her “Oxy blue” oxycodone tablets were spoiled with fentanyl.

Since the quantity of Fentanyl Death Victims has been particularly high lately, officials are exceptionally worried about this issue.

Numerous things should be affirmed in light of the fact that the news was recently reported.The police or approved individuals will clarify everything as the case advances.

As indicated by Kessel, Todorova was in an ocean side village on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, raising her pet puma, Princess, the night Mascolo died.

Mirela Todorova Drug Delivery Business, Fentanyl Contamination Specialists say Mimi, whose genuine name is Mirela Todorova, sent a hopeful TV entertainer named Kather Sei to convey the pills.

As indicated by the DEA, Mirela Todorova, 33, utilized Venmo, PayPal, and other installment stages to gather more than $733,000 from clients in her last year of dealing. Her organization plan looked like that of a dinner conveyance administration.

As per court reports, a similar tech-driven accuracy that made the medication conveyance business so beneficial additionally added to its destruction: On Apple, T-Mobile, and AT&T’s gadgets, PCs, and servers, Mirela Todorova and others left a path of proof.


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