Jeremy Boado Wikipedia Biography – Age Height And Instagram

Who Is Jeremy Boado? Biography Explored

Jeremy Boado Biography

He is known for his work on The Cars That Made the World (2020), Escape Room (2019), and Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018).

Jeremy Boado Wikipedia Biography

Jeremy Boado was born in Los Angeles, United States

While his professional career may have only started in 2011,  the passion he has for the arts originated when he was introduced at an early age to the theatre in the small town he grew up in.

Having begun his studies in film at New York Film Academy and continuing those lessons through AFDA Cape Town.  The skills he learned continued to grow from those foundations and the ever-evolving yet exciting developments within the film industry.

How Old Is Jeremy Boado?

Jeremy Boado’s age or his date of birth hasn’t been revealed to the public yet.

Considering he has been in the business for more than 10 years and he started his career in 2011, his age is estimated to be 30-35 years.

Jeremy Boado: Height

Jeremy Boado is 5ft 4in (164cm) tall. 

Despite being shorter than most people who went into Acting, he has become a professional Actor and Stuntman.’

Jeremy Boado: Career

Jeremy Boado has a total of 25 movie credits, 11 credits through Stunts and 14 through Acting.

His most recent movies being Grow, a TV Series, where he played as Sam and Resort to Love where he played as an Instagrammer, among many other works.

He also did stunts on The Last Days of American Crime (2020), Action Point (2018) and Tomb Raider (2018), etc.

Jeremy Boado Instragram

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Jeremy Boado Net Worth Revealed

During his long stint as an Actor and a Stuntman, he has to have been fairly compensated for his work.

His Net Worth is estimated to be $20 Million. (Source: Net Worth Post)

Meet Jeremy Boado on Instagram and Social Media

Jeremy Boado can be found on Instagram under the username @jeremyb_07.

He has posted parts of his life on Instagram, the most recent one being with his girlfriend Bea Mostert(@bea.mostert), who he has known for more than 10 years.

He can also be found on his own site, here.

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